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The Web Games Ring - This is a webring featuring web sites with interactive games to download or play straight from their browser.

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The Web Games Ring

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Manager: zapadore
This is a webring featuring web sites with interactive games to download or play straight from their browser.

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Message In a Bottle
Experience the adventure and romance of finding a message in a bottle washed up on a lonely beach somewhere. Send one of your own and hear from some anonymous person in a far away land.
Virtual mazes
Walk online through virtual mazes, or make your own maze.
Da Browser Based Games Browser V1.0
Da Browser Based Games Browser is a custom games web browser that delivers easy navigation to arcade classics (Pac Man, Tetris, Asteroids, Space Invaders, etc), browser based games, browser based game websites, and web game directories. The distinctive feature of the Da Browser Based Games Browser is that it automatically finds similar games associated to the current game or game website you're playing.
Classic WordZap
Classic WordZap(R) is a Freeware word game where you race your computer opponent to create the most unique words from a given set of letters. When opponents make the same word, it is zapped from both lists. The game is a re-mastered version of the game that was widely distributed in Microsoft's Entertainment Pack III. The computer's play adapts to your skill to keep the game a constant challenge.
Online football management game with match commentary
CyberFooty is entirely web based with no extras to download so you can play almost any time you have browser access to the Internet. Every game has full match commentary. The first season is FREE to play and you will be earning credits towards your next season. Unlike other online games, you cannot improve your team by spending money, so teams are always evenly matched and only a good manager will consistently achieve victory.

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