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Historical Play-by-Post Online RPGs - A webring for any kind of play-by-post rpg set in a historical period.

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Historical Play-by-Post Online RPGs

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Manager: highreachesweyr
A webring for any kind of play-by-post rpg set in a historical period.


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Universally Acknowledged
"'It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife'" These are the legendary opening lines of, arguably, Jane Austen's finest work, Pride and Prejudice. It is primarily centered around the ageless romance of its heroine, Elizabeth Bennet, and Mr Darcy. However, behind this lies the society of Meryton, a small town set in the picture
Bow Street
London, 1754: the greatest city in the world. Imagine, if you will, a city at war with itself, taken hostage by fear. A city balancing on the line between disaster and triumph, success and failure; a city constantly changing and yet somehow always remaining the same. Imagine a handful of men setting out to change the rules in this world – and look ahead to see a signpost: Bow Street.
Hymns Upon Your Lips
The year is 1891, and spring has sprung in Germany. Teenagers are starting to go through the experience of puberty. While it's often difficult enough with the guidance of parents, none of the adults are willing to disclose any information to make these times easier. And so the children are left to figure it out themselves by experimenting with love, loss, and the trials of life.
Men of War II: Rise of the Devian Empire
Britain, Royalist France, and the USA negotiate peace in the Caribbean. C. 1793. Started by a historical club on deviantART.

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Historical Play-by-Post Online RPGs

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