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Suikoden and Suikoden RPG - Only Suikoden or RPG related sites are accepted.

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Suikoden and Suikoden RPG

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Only Suikoden or RPG related sites are accepted.

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   Rising Destiny Preview Go
A suikoden RP based in Toran/Dunan in IS459. Armes pushed out all of Falena and now it is under there control. Ferid made his way to Scarelt Moon Empire and found a catle, After maeking it his own barbarossa wanted him dead. Role-play as your favorite suikoden 1, 2 or 5 character
   Suikoden RPG Preview Go
Set 200 years after the events of Suikoden 1, Asgard Blight, a descendant of Luca, has come upon the Black Sword Rune. He liberated the High East Province and renamed it "Highland" once again. With it firmly under his control, he has turned his eye upon the Bright Shield Rune. Knowing it lies within Dunan, the search begins there. Dunan wants nothing of a war with Highland to protect the rune, even though Highland was a province under their command until recently. Aytre Maddoc and his son, Han begin building a army of volunteers to repel Highland and protect the rune. A 'Rune War' is about to begin. Who are the unsuspecting heroes of the conflict at hand? Come and join the fight and become a Star of Destiny!
   Suikoden Destiny Preview Go
Come RP here as your favorite suikoden characters with dedicated members, and a great new one of a kind storyline.

   Suikoden: Stars of Destiny Preview Go
3 years after the destruction of the Highland kingdom, the world has entered into a time of peace. But something wrong is happening! There were still many things left unfinished at the end of the Jowston Rebelion against Highland. An ancient power is about to rise up. Will modern day technology be enough to combat it, or will it be neccessary to hunt down another ancient force to counteract this evil? Time holds the key!
   Suikoden DX Preview Go
In the land of Rovia, everything was wrong! The land was ruled by an evil Merciless man named Gail Contour. Parts of the land have excluded themselves from the empire, and Nether Gate is running wild. But, Flik was about to put an end to that! He washed up on the shore of Rovia, where he met some pirates from the Gate Runes War. They wanted to rebel against Gail Contour, and elected Flik to be leader.
   Falena Rebellion Preview Go
As said by a newsletter by Taylor himself, the Prince and Lymsleia have been assasinated like there mother before them! The only clue? The word Belcoot carved into the two lifeless bodies laying side-by-side. The only living family member Lucretia Merces is the new queen has sent a search party to bring judgement to Belcoot. What will happen as the search party reaches Belcoot? Is the Assasin planning another attack? Come j

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