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Text Based RPGs - A place to advertise your Text Based RPGs. It doesn't matter if they are for Harry Potter or your own imagination mad on

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Text Based RPGs

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Manager: theodora_maffat
A place to advertise your Text Based RPGs. It doesn't matter if they are for Harry Potter or your own imagination mad ones. Come here to advertise yours and visit others.

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Welcome to Shifter, a realm where humans wander unaware that wild creatures walk amongst them. Wolves, coyotes, foxes, pumas, tigers, every furry, scaled, and feathered creature imaginable, all unnoticed, simply by taking on the human form. Some consider themselves animals that can turn into a human, others differently. A curse or a gift, they are stealthy and remain
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Home pages for a long-running fantasy play-by-post RPG and a shorter pulp adventure game.
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A friendly, close knit Harry Potter RPG community, in which the players can take the role of student, professor, ghost, etc. Students take classes, play quidditch, can earn and lose points for their house, buy things along diagon alley, and (most importantly) have fun and make friends. For questions or comments, please email: Hogwartsacademy@gmail. com

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This site is mainly for experienced rpgers only, but beginners are allowed, and ill help you get started, still being made, and i need help, but it will be a great game once finnished, come and join!!! i'm NOT giving up on this NEVER so COME AND JOIN!!!:)
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Optimistic Futuristic Universe. The characters are originating in a utopian civilization, they are extraordinarily gifted, equipped with a single capacity. They are called Children of the Dawn. Contents: rules, news, essential material (character’s sheets, scenario, etc.) and complete universe (history, technology, everyday life).
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Black Orchard Asylum: A funhouse for the insane. Friendly board, revently revamped and looking for new members.
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It is a dark time in the world of Myrenor. Kerásh, Resz, and Sequílar have all begun to plot against the rest of the nations, who at this very time have traitors in them seeking to overthrow the leading powers, causing anarchy, and giving them a chance to seize power. Other nations are simply allying themselves with the hordes of evil. Will you help or hinder the fight for good
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A new, Code Geass RPG. Original Character and Geass creation. Bonus features for members. Bonus money for new registers. Join today!
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The dark lord had returned and an army so great, so large, was being built, that there seemed to be no force on earth that could take it on. As the days grew darker, even Hogwarts was beginning to see the shadow of it's downfall drawing near; Students were dying and being killed; the Hogwarts express had crashed and many teachers were dying. Hogwarts was surely about t
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This rpg is based on Harry's sixth year at Hogwarts, as well as the events that take place within the wizarding world. You may be a canon character, or one of your own creation. Professors, Deatheater, students, and Order of Pheonix members will play an active role, so don't feel confined to playing just students.

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