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Star Wars RPG - Web ring devoted to the awesome adventures of the Star Wars Roleplaying game.          

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Star Wars RPG

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Web ring devoted to the awesome adventures of the Star Wars Roleplaying game.







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   Knights of the Old Republic Preview Go
-=Knights of the Old Republic RPG=- A great RPG set 6 years after KOTOR II: The Sith Lords. Anyone is welcome to join. Although the forum itself is nearly a year old, it has recently gone through some major renovations and cleaning.
   Starwarsrpg23 Preview Go
What Can I say It Speaks For It self!!!
   The Revived Republic Preview Go
A Star Wars roleplaying forum based on TOR, set years after Episode VI, Return of the Jedi. You can be: Arna (a made-up group), Sith, Jedi, Republic, Bounty Hunters, Droids, Mandalorians, Slaves, Imperial Remnant, Neutral/Other. It has never been very active, but with more members, it is sure to be a great site. Join now!

   The Force Temples Preview Go
TFT is an rpg like no other. Ever wonder what it'd be like to to learn the ways of the force... but in the temples of the Jedi or Sith? Then this is the place for you. Take up the Sith or Jedi Order and either train or begin training. You can also go on missions, be assigned masters and interesting plot developments, so come along and join in on the fun
   Star Wars X: Return Of The Empire Preview Go
40 years have passed since the death of Anakin Skywalker, and the fall of the Empire. For 30 years the planets have lived in peace, but in the last 10 years the planets have started bickering again, and have once more taken the sides of the Empire and the Republic. The new SW rp! Check it out!
   The Omega Fleet Preview Go
Welcome to The Omega Fleet, the best Star Wars fleet biased RP on the net, set just after The New Jedi Order books.

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