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Roleplayers Anonymous WebRing - Dreaming about your fantasy world? Do you spend more than four hours a week playing RPGs? Do you spend more than four ho

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Roleplayers Anonymous WebRing

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Dreaming about your fantasy world? Do you spend more than four hours a week playing RPGs? Do you spend more than four hours a week crafting your campaign? Have a web page with world maps, adventures, characters, house rules? Well, then you've come to the right place: Roleplayers Anonymous, the webring for obsessed roleplayers to display their stuff. Equal opportunity webring: we accept traditional paper rpgs, as well as messageboard, PBEM, PBM, chat, massively-multiplayer, or other online rpgs. No strictly retail sites, please.


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   Scions Among Us Preview Go
Scions Among Us is a brand new X-Men RPG. Your own experience, your own powers, and your own world. New players needed!
   Redwulf Keep Preview Go
Complete 3rd Edition D&D resource page. New classes, races, weapons, armor, magical items and plenty of DM resources.
   The Mobster RPG Home Page Preview Go
A resoucre page for mafia-inspired RPGs.

   AD&D Dungeon Preview Go
Come here for links, adventures, netbooks, and programs.
   Maxham Presents Lords of War Preview Go
Free open source RPG card game. Download, print and play. Become a beta tester if you like. Ongoing development towards a computer version.
   Wolves In The NIght Preview Go
Two packs engage in a war to end all wars. Come choose your loyalty and fight beside your leader. Choose whether you win this fight...or die in pride for trying.
   Roleplay Universe Preview Go
Come roleplay your hears out! Our site offers you a place to roleplay anything you wish. We have minor rules and are looking fo rhundreds of active posters. We also offer a place for Fan Fic writers to share their work.
   Traykon Role Playing Site Preview Go
Resources and aids for players and DMs alike. Downloadable programs, skill bonuses, feat listings, and much more! Dungeons and Dragons as well as Pathfinder material for all.
   Uncommon Valor Preview Go
This site is dedicated to the excellent 7th Sea rpg. It contains over 150 pages (and counting) of campaign material, original songs and poems of the genre, game aids and supplements, and much more!
   Star Wars Free Style RPG Preview Go
Star Wars Free Style RPG is a site for Star Wars fans to come, sit back, relax, and role play. There's our Alternate Galaxy of course and also a place where players can come, discuss storylines and meet other cool Star Wars RP nerds such as yourself!

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