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RPG Chat - SilverCrossings.Net is a RPG online community dedicated to Chatroom Roleplay. Here you can find various rooms and sites

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RPG Chat

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Manager: froginthewell
SilverCrossings.Net is a RPG online community dedicated to Chatroom Roleplay. Here you can find various rooms and sites that feature online Roleplaying at it's finest.

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   Club Damned Preview Go
Club Damned is a free form online role-playing site set in White Wolf´s World of Darkness that focuses on stories and characters, plots and themes played out via an IRC channel on Sorcery.net
   Crossroads Preview Go
Step into a place where freedom is still found by willpower and a touch of good luck. Enter the Crossroads... and enter the world of Star Wars Roleplay
   Mystical Realms Preview Go
Welcome to Mystical Realms! An extensive and unique Fantasy Role-Playing Community that plays by chat. Web space is available for characters, lands or shops. Guilds, organizations and nations keep in touch easily through front-page news, forums or in their private club settings. Come explore the Realms and join a true role-playing community.

   Tokyo Turf War Preview Go
Martial Arts Masters!! Vicious Rivals!! Final Exams?!? Welcome to Tokyo, where the schools are run by gangs, and passing Math is the least of your worries. This RP is a Comedy/Action setting. Enroll today! Website is pretty bare bones, but check it out anyways! See what school should have been like, anime style!
   Roleplay Universe Preview Go
Come roleplay your hears out! Our site offers you a place to roleplay anything you wish. We have minor rules and are looking for hundreds of active posters. We also offer a place for Fan Fic writers to share their work.
   Free forum : HeraldsofRoleplay Preview Go
Free forum : New Freestyle Fantasy Roleplaying Forum that is striving to contain something for everyone to enjoy.
   StoryCrafter Preview Go
StoryCrafter is an interactive storytelling community where good roleplaying skills are highly valued.
   Metal Soul Preview Go
There is online gaming, Member game rooms, Member characters, A online Store, Welcome to Metal Soul the game developed by gamers for gamers. With the combined aspects of many games into one, more simplified version. No more added details you don't need or pages of information that you can't understand.
   Your Guide to Ancient Greece Preview Go
Alliance of Heroes lets you be the hero in the land of Ancient Greece. Where you can fight mythical monsters, debate with Gods of every culture and interact with friends from around the world in an environment of your creation.

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