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The Ultimate Yugioh Webring - Sites concerning Seto Kaiba, from the manga/anime Yu-Gi-Oh. Copyright Kazuki Takahashi and Konami.

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The Ultimate Yugioh Webring

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Sites concerning Seto Kaiba, from the manga/anime Yu-Gi-Oh. Copyright Kazuki Takahashi and Konami.

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   I'm Back! Preview Go
A Yu-Gi-Oh! shrine with a definite emphasis on the great Seto Kaiba!! ^^
   Yu-gi-oh Toki! Preview Go
KAIBA SHRINE! Need I say more? I've also got cool pics and character bios, stuff by me, quizzes, Japanese words, quotes, and cool affiliates!!!
   Palace In the Moon Preview Go
Yes, I know this site is not just about Kaiba, but he is the featured character in my large yugioh section. This site contains Manga Translation centering Seto, Fanfictions, fanarts, character bios, large gallery of manga scans and more!

   KaibaCorp Preview Go
Pictures, lots of info, decks, and more, this site is perfect for all you Kaiba lovers! With a nice webmistress too. ^_^
   Kaiba's World Preview Go
A website about a Yu-Gi-Oh! character named Seto Kaiba. Filled with pictures, a profile, and much much more! :o)
   Darkness Rising Preview Go
A Yu-Gi-Oh fansite featuring fanfiction, character info, monster/card data, the differences between the anime and the manga, and tons more! Look for new features being added regularly, especially for fics and fanart!
   Sephira_Princess' & Angelic_Rose's Fan Fics Preview Go
Our page has fan fics for Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu Yu Hakusho, Teen Titans, Avatar: The Last AirBender, One Piece...
   A Light in the Shadows Preview Go
This site is deticated to the tv shows yugioh and Charmed. It also has a bio and pictures of seto Kaiba along with other Yugioh characters. Also, cards, milenium items and yugioh madlib are included.
   Eve's Yugioh World Preview Go
My fansite for Yugioh the original series.
   Seto's Obelisk Preview 1 review(s) — Go
This is a site only about seto, theres free email, web rings, And the seto kaiba group/club, so have fun :)

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