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Realms of Fantasy Online - The Realms of Fantasy WebRing is host to a group of dedicated role playing game masters. We have site members who run ga

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Realms of Fantasy Online

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Manager: svava_bloodtide
The Realms of Fantasy WebRing is host to a group of dedicated role playing game masters. We have site members who run games of various types at all times. The Realms of Fantasy sites are mostly specialized in Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. Practically every site is host to a game either online in real time, or in forum message bases. All gaming systems are welcome.

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   harvards roleplay page Preview Go
A Roleplaying resource, which is a collection of my roleplaying experiences.
   House Claddath Preview Go
We are Lolth's wrath incarnate. Individuals, outcasts, and rogues deemed too vicious, cold, and calculating by even Drow standards. Together we unite as a single fist, guided by Lolth, bringing her vengeance and fury upon those deemed unworthy of her favor. Darkness, shadow, stealth, and death....an intricate dance forged into our souls and being. Striking silently without warning we stand triumphan
   Digital RP&Etc. Haven Preview Go
Digital is a web-based online community for Roleplayers, artists, & writers. People who Roleplay fantasy, anthro, TLK, Anime, D&D, Harry Potter, & comic books (etc!!). Our site is Highly customizable, and Very user-friendly. Please stop by, and make some new friends!

   Blackberry RPG Preview Go
Blackberry is a free form, play by post, adult RPG in a quasi-midieval setting of surrealism where all makes and walks of life may clash together, from fantasy and scifi to modern real-lifer's and favorite canon characters.
   Campaign World Preview Go
Home of Campaign World, a collection of DMs who have banded together to provide the best possible role-playing experience for all of our players.
   Hidden Atlantis Preview Go
After the sea swallowed Atlantis Poseidon saved the people with his powers turning them into Merfolk. This is set after the fall of Atlantis and all play merfolk at this time though may open it up for dolphins, sharks and other creatures at a later date. There are 11 rings to Atlantis, each ring belongs to one of his half mortal sons, each son rules a ring as a King. The Heart of Atlan
   Dragon Gates Preview Go
Worlds, maps, gods and places to explore for the D&D game.
   Dragon Scales World of Wonders Preview Go
A little bit of everything from mages, clerics, spells, magic items, classes, monsters and much much more
   The Dragon Aerie Preview Go
One eclectic Dragon's treasure of quotes, music, and poetry with a dash of roleplaying peppered into the sauce.

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