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Home to Rolemaster, HARP, Spacemaster, and more! Websites devoted to the Roleplaying Games produced by Iron Crown Enterprises.


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   Mirkwood Roleplaying Preview Go
The adventures of 6 heroes in search for fame and glory, set in Tolkien's Middle Earth. The stories of their continuing struggle against the forces of Sauron.
   Wandering Monk Rolemaster Forums Preview Go
My site is for discussion of all things related to Rolemaster 2nd Edition. I do have subforums for my own gameworld(s) and forums for players and Gamemasters. I also include other games, but the main focus is RM 2nd Edition.
   Perennial Roleplay Preview Go
Looking for a board where you can roleplay with people your level? No chatspeakers, no one liners, just other roleplayers who want to roleplay just like you. Here at Perennial we're aiming to become a large, kind and respected community where every member counts. Have a crave for a good roleplay? Look in the plot search board and I'm sure you'll find a roleplay that you'll like and if you don't why not make one yourse

   Rolemaster - Learning Skills Preview Go
Additional rules, talents, advanced training, and magic items for learning skills.
   my rolemaster and shadow world page Preview Go
A few things I wrote for Rolemaster (RMSS/RMFRP) and the setting Shadow World. Some in french, some translated in english. Character creation excel sheet, game aids for combat and other things in RMSS, a complete city and various things for Shadow World. Please visit ;)
   ResourceMasters Preview Go
A FREE, Resource and Play by Post ( PbP ) Roleplaying Site for HARP, Rolemaster, Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, Steve Jackson Games and any other non-d20 game you want to play.
   Mana Lizards Preview Go
Magical pets for your adventurers.
   Additional Rules for Spell Mastery Preview Go
Additional Rules for Spell Mastery, including modifiers, talents and flaws.
   Rolemaster - Learning Spells Preview Go
A number of additional rules for learning spells, including Restricted Spell Lists, new talents and flaws, new training options, and magic items.
   HARP: The World of Tarn Preview Go
The World of Tarn originates from the Turning Point MUD. Now it lives as a campaign setting for ICE's HARP system as well. Adventures will be written up and posted for other GM's to run as well.

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