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Forum-Based RPG - So, you're a forum-based RPG fan. You're in luck my friend! Members sites are purely Forum Based meaning that game play

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Forum-Based RPG

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So, you're a forum-based RPG fan. You're in luck my friend! Members sites are purely Forum Based meaning that game play is done...Best of all, they are run by experienced Game Masters.

CHECK US OUT! We have anything and everything you just might be interested in.


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Alphas: Revolution is a new RPG board based on the Syfy tv show Alphas. Syfy canceled that amazing show after only two seasons and left it on a major cliff hanger. This board was made for fans of Alphas to continue the story. Members can vote on what will happen with the main plot and to the main characters in polls. The most votes decides on the direction that will be taken. Members can also create their own characters to integrate into the story.
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Make your mark in Star Wars history. Change the events of time as we travel down from the year 901 BBY. Jedi Masters, smugglers, padawans, Sith, everyone is needed. Join the The Force Internal and develop your character! Lit.and serious RPers only.
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Arcana Anonymous is a free-form medieval-fantasy role-playing forum designed to allow players to create their own parts of the world as they play, or just play in what others have created. Very few limitations exist on what players may do, and exceptions are always possible. Mature content is likely to be present.

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An RPG with no set theme or central plot, only a setting called the Mystic Tavern. All characters welcome!
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Mafia RPG game in the streets of Miami
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Welcome to the insane RPG/Message kind of forum where you create or choose your own characters and just fool around in the
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Dark Hunter role play board based on the Dark Hunter novels by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Love, life, violence and romance!! The story lines take place in modern day Arroyo, Louisiana. Dark Hunters are placed on the Earth to protect mortals from Daimons (vampires).
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The Weavers were said to have created the planets and the universe itself. Over time, they disappeared into society. Years later, their descendants and other races alike awaken the universe into treachery and turmoil.
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An online strategy RPG, but with a twist. You can play in the original cities, or you can gather people to form your own kingdom.
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Senshi Topia is a normal Sailor Scout fighting evil kinda Rpg. The only difference is there are new Sailor Scouts and new evil in thier way! Please join this Rpg we need people!!!

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