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DC Comics Fans - For fans of DC Comics and their characters to come together  

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DC Comics Fans

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For fans of DC Comics and their characters to come together



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   Justin's Honest-to-Goodness Blue Devil Page Preview Go
A DC Comics fan site devoted to the azure-hued superhero created by Dan Mishkin, Gary Cohn, and Paris Cullins, and to the 1980s series that endeared him to millions.
   The Flash Animated Gif Gallery Preview Go
**UPDATED** -09 / 21 / 2005. - 9 Brand New Animated gifs added of The Fastest Man Alive ! All Original Animated Gifs featuring : Wally West, Barry Allen, Impulse and more.
   DC's Timeline Preview Go
This timeline is based on the Official DC timeline, recorded in Zero Hour #0 (cover-date Sept. 94).

   Unofficial DC JLA Heroes Source Page Preview Go
Sections include: The Charter Members, Other Members, Villains, The Watchtower, Young Justice, The Justice League: A Gallery and JLA Links.
   The Green Lantern Animated Gif Gallery Preview Go
**UPDATED-09-2005** 10 New Gifs put in the gallery. Adding animated gifs of Jade, The Guardians, John Stewart, Hal Jordan and Kyle Rainier. This is your One-Stop for Animated Gif Featuring Green Lantern and friends !
   Artemis's Fanfiction Preview Go
My fanfiction features the Justice League, deals primarily with Batman and Wonder Woman. Also have fanfic by other authors.
   The Justice League Index Preview Go
(Justice League International) This page covers the Justice League that formed as a result of the Legends event in DC Comics in 1986 and 1987. It will include an index of issues of Justice League and it's related titles until the end of this organization prior to the Final Night in 1996, as well as profiles of important or interesting characters featured prominently within the pages of tho
   Ultimate Guy Gardner Page Preview Go
This page is dedicated to one of the best superheroes out there, Guy Gardner!
   The DC Timeline Preview Go
The idea of churning out a DC Timeline has been in my mind for a long time. A lot of events have occurred in the DC Universe that deserve to be recorded down, as some sort of chronology, to show just how rich and diverse the DC Universe is.
   THE Elongated Man Website, Dibny Dirt! Preview Go
The only site on the web dedicated to Ralph Dibny, the World-Famous Elongated Man...one of the minor but longest-tenured (and longest-married) members of the Justice League of America. It's a humorous site with a bio, FAQs, images and the history of Dibny and his wife, Sue!

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