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SimPits International - For the few, the proud, the creative, those who decide to take the ultimate challange and build their very own simulator

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SimPits International

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Manager: tattooed_ogre
For the few, the proud, the creative, those who decide to take the ultimate challange and build their very own simulator cockpit(SimPit). From very basic non-functional cockpits, to fully functional/motion-based beasts of simulation, this WebRing allows valuable information and experience to be shared by linking people's personal (none commercial) cockpit web sites to each other. They can be race cars, trains, space ships, airplanes, boats, or any other cockpit that can be simulated.

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   The Cobra's Simpit Preview Go
I'm building a Generic Cockpit for playing Flight Sim games on my computer, it's based loosly on the F16 with a dash of Eurofighter and a touch of Harrier rounded off with a bit of F15
   Craig's F16C Block 50 Cockpit Simulator Preview Go
An F-16C Block 50/52 Home built cockpit simulator. Running Falcon 4.
   Hammer's F16 Simulator Preview Go
My quest for building my own F16 Simulator using, EPIC, GlassCockpit, Cougar FCC and a lot, a lot of other materials.

   Homebuild Boeing 777 simulator Preview Go
Home build 777-simulator project. This website is about the story of building a full-scale (no motion yet) Boeing 777-200 flightsimulator.
   777 Flight Deck Preview Go
This is a 15 year project to build a limited motion Boeing 777-300 flight deck. The cockpit is to be 90-95% functional compared to the real one and is based on MS Flight Simulator X platform. 20 degree roll and pitch motion will be incorporated using pneumatic actuators. Started Oct 2001. Updated 2010.
   Italian Combat Flight Simmer Preview Go
Italian Home built cockpit project
   Jet Restorations Preview Go
Naval Aircraft Projects, TA-4J Skyhawk, Escapac Ejection Seats and other Aviation related things.
   Cyber Racing Seat Preview Go
I made this site when i finished building my first project. It's an arcadish setup for my pc. The next project in mind is a full blown 1/1 F40
   HI6SIM Preview Go
The development of a cheap diy 6 dof moving platform for a soaring flight sim.
   Robin's F16 Falcon Sim Preview Go
Robin's F16 Falcon Simsite in Flash.

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